Factors To Consider When Selecting A Custom Metal Fabrication Company

If you use metal to construct a product you are selling or in construction, you may need a custom metal fabrication company. A fabrication company takes sheets of metal and transforms it into beams, cylinders or metal objects, such as gears and tools. If you need a metal fabrication company, finding the right one is important. While most people know that experience and price are key factors to look for, they don't realize what other factors need to be considered. Here are a few of the factors you will want to consider as you look for the right custom metal fabrication company for your business.

Custom Engineering

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a custom metal fabrication company is if they offer custom engineering services. Most people who go into a fabrication shop have an idea as to what they want produced. However, you may find that the drawings and ideas you have are not realistic in the real world or the metal item won't hold up like you planned. A custom metal fabrication engineer can help you determine what you need, how it will hold up for your needs and help you to come up with plans to ensure it is fabricated exactly how you want it.

Industries Served

Another important factor to consider when selecting a custom metal fabrication company is what industries they have worked with and currently serve. If the metal object that is being used is going to be used in the food industry, medical field, auto industry or construction industry, it may need to be manufactured to meet product safety features in this field. This means that the requirements for manufacturing a metal item that will be used in a surgical room is different than manufacturing a metal item to be used in a car. It is important to find a company who has experience with these rules and guidelines. If the metal items are manufactured incorrectly, they may not pass safety checks and may be useless.


The last factor that you want to consider when selecting a custom metal fabrication company is the location of the metal fabrication plant. It can cost a lot to ship metal items. Having a company that is close enough and will allow you to pick them up in person can be extremely beneficial and help you save money. If you can't find a plant close by, try to find one who services other customers in your area. They may offer delivery services if multiple businesses in the area have shipments that need to be delivered or may be able to combine shipping if one person volunteers to accept shipment for all the companies and then distributes them to the other businesses.

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