Ensuring Scrap Metal Stays In Your Possession During A Building Demolition

If your business is planning on demolishing a building to make room for the construction of a new one, there is a chance scrap metal is present within your existing structure. This metal can be removed from the building and given to a recycling service in exchange for money. When a large amount of scrap metal is accumulated, a recycling center can be contacted to pick up the pieces. In the interim between collection and pick up, scrap metal is vulnerable to theft. Here are some steps you can take to safeguard scrap metal collected from the demolition of your building so you get compensated for recycling it.

Add Security Features To Your Property

During a renovation project, it is a good idea to have temporary fencing placed along the perimeter of your property. This will not only keep those on the outside safe from debris that accumulates on the grounds but also keeps it safely contained so it is less likely to be stolen. Consider placing signs on the exterior of your fence indicating people should not trespass. This way those walking past will be less likely to try getting on the property to take a look around. If you have a larger business, you may consider hiring a security guard to patrol the area during the renovation process. 

Mark Scrap Pieces To Prove Ownership

As scrap metal is found, have the renovation company mark pieces with a specific color of paint. This can be applied in a specific shape as well. This way, if pieces of scrap metal are stolen, your business can alert local scrap recycling facilities to be on the lookout for this distinguishable marking. Call the police to let them know of any stolen pieces as well, being sure to tell them about the marking your business has been using on scrap metal collected. This process will help thwart theft as someone trying to take pieces will most likely notice the markings, making them less desirable to steal as a result.

Keep Pieces In A Locked Area To Minimize Theft

Scrap metal pieces should be placed in a locked area to help keep them from being taken. Using a metal cage is a great way to keep pieces contained as it will be easy for workers to utilize. The pieces will also be in view of the demolition workers, making it harder for someone to access the area without being seen. Give the key to the cage to one of the demolition workers and make sure the cage is kept locked in between scrap metal additions. When the pickup service arrives, have the demolition service unlock the cage so the pieces can be collected appropriately.

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