Cut Back On Offensive Odors inside of the Dumpster on Your Property

Are you sickened by the odors that greet you each time you lift the lid to the dumpster on your restaurant's property? If so, take charge with the following tips that will reduce odors and keep the dumpster offensive-smell free. After changing your habits, throwing out trash won't seem as dreadful to you as it once was.

Cut Back On Food Scraps

Food often spoils quickly when kept inside of a warm container and can wreak havoc to the inside of a dumpster. Instead of wasting food, think of ways that you can cut back on the amount that you toss out on a daily basis. Place perishables that will not be used right away inside of freezer bags. Many food products will stay fresh for months inside of a freezer.

If you have a lot of leftover food after closing your restaurant each night, place it in a plastic bin that has a secure fitting lid. Offer the scraps to anyone in town who has livestock to feed. If someone is interested, they may decide to take scraps from you on a weekly basis, eliminating the amount that is thrown away. If you must dispose of food items, make sure they are in a sealed container before placing them in the dumpster to minimize the chance of people being exposed to foul odors. 

Make Compost

Compost is made of organic materials that have decomposed and can benefit soil by adding nutrients to it. You can make your own compost and cut back on the amount of trash thrown in the dumpster, drastically eliminating repulsive odors. Place items like coffee grinds, egg shells, vegetable peels, and fruit rinds in a sturdy container that has a lid. Add paper, cardboard, and wood chips on top of the food items.

Alternate wet and dry layers and mix the ingredients daily for a few minutes. Keep the lid on the container at all other times. Within a month or two, the items will decompose and turn a rich, dark brown color. Add the compost to your flowerbed, garden, or any other part of your property that has items growing in it or give it away to someone else.

Add Charcoal Briquettes 

After the dumpster is emptied, fill it up with about half a foot of water using a water hose, then put some bleach or another disinfecting cleaner inside. Scrub the dumpster with a long-handled mop until it's clean. Then tip the dumpster over and let the water drain out. Rinse the dumpster with the hose. Once the inside of the dumpster is fully dry, lift it back up and line the bottom of it with charcoal briquettes. As you pile trash inside of the bin, odors will be eliminated. Add fresh charcoal briquettes each time that you have the dumpster emptied. The briquettes are inexpensive and will not make a mess inside of the dumpster.

All of these tips will assist with keeping offensive odors at bay. Once you get into the habit of using them, throwing out the trash will no longer be one of the most dreaded activities that you need to complete. If you'd like further tips about keeping your dumpster clean and odor-free, contact a dumpster-rental service through a website like