Three Ways To Reduce Your Commercial Heating Costs In An Industrial And Manufacturing Setting

If your company produces products within a factory, and that factory has a very high ceiling, you may be utilizing a lot of heat in the colder months. That is a lot of commercial heating dollars swirling down the drain. To reduce your commercial heating expenses in a warehouse-like industrial setting, here are some useful tips.

Reduce the Number of Entries and Exits

Every time a door opens and closes on the work floor, a draft is created. The draft registers with your heating system, and then the heating system kicks in to compensate. Ergo, you are losing money with the number of doors your employees open and close. If it is at all possible, reduce the number of entry doors and reduce the frequency of entries and exits through certain doors. This, in turn, reduces the number of drafts that will activate your heating system and reduce the amount of heat your company consumes.

Install Industrial Ceiling Fans

When your work site has buildings with really high, warehouse-like ceilings, keeping the work floor warm is really difficult because the heat will rise and settle way up above. It takes a lot longer to heat the space and more energy to keep it warm where you and your employees need the warmth to be. Installing industrial ceiling fans will help immensely because they can blow the rising hot air back down to ground level where it belongs. When the heat is blown back down, you can turn the thermostats down to something more reasonable and financially manageable because the work floor will be warm enough.

Purchase Lined and Thermal Workwear/Coveralls for Your Employees

Lastly, you can insulate your workers with lined and/or thermal workwear or coveralls. If they are warm enough with the coveralls or workwear, then you can turn the temperature down in your work setting by a few degrees. When used in conjunction with both industrial ceiling fans and fewer entries, doors and exits through doors, you can significantly reduce the overall costs of keeping your factory and your employees warm.

Consulting an HVAC Contractor

If you find that even after you have implemented all of the above suggestions for reducing heating costs that you still are leaking money through your commercial heating system, contact an HVAC contractor. He or she can examine your heating system to see if there are operational problems leading to your high heating costs. The HVAC contractor can also make additional suggestions as to other changes you can make to reduce your heating costs while still keeping your industrial and manufacturing setting warm and comfortable.

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