Understanding The Ins And Outs Of Pallet Racking Systems

If you operate a warehouse, it is vitally important that you get the tools and help that you need. You will need to be sure that you are able to keep your space efficient for storage, packing, shipping and inventory. By developing a system that will streamline your warehouse production, you will be able to maximize on the way that your company operates and will have a lot less hiccups and setbacks.

One great way to streamline the process of operating your warehouse is to develop a pallet racking system. To learn more about pallet racking systems and how they can assist you, read on:

How do pallet rack systems work?

Pallet racks are metal beam systems that allow you to stack items vertically, so that you can clear out floor space. Setting up sophisticated pallet racking systems will allow you to maximize the way that you operate your warehouse rooms, avoiding injury and keeping space clear. These systems are typically either interconnected or slotted, depending on your preference and the types of items that you have to stack. 

What types of pallet rack systems are available?

When you set out to get pallet racking systems installed in your home, you need to understand which types are available. Consider some of the following pallet racking equipment types, so that you can shop for something that suits you:

  • Selective racks are great for maximizing space by creating racks that align aisles
  • Drive through systems are great for people who want to arrange items densely by forklift
  • Push back racks are incredibly dense for bulk loads, since they are compiled to accommodate 2 to 5 pallets at a time
  • Flow racks are arranged in slope form, in order to set up for high density systems that are efficient and tightly packed

How much do pallet racking systems cost?

You'll need to set aside plenty of money in your budget for these systems, as they typically cost around $50 per unit. This can quickly add up depending on how many pallet positions you need to arrange throughout your warehouse. When taking into account the many different arrangements you need for the various forklifts in your warehouse, the pricing points can reach six figures. You will need to be sure that you call in a pallet racking company to provide a consultation of your building, in order to get an estimate that suits you. 

Follow this guide, so that you can get the pallet racking system that you need for your warehouse.