Recycling Scrap Metal: The Harm Of Aluminum Soda Cans To The Environment

Global warming is bad for the environment because it can have an effect on crop production. You can reduce the effects of global warming by getting your aluminum soda cans recycled.  Below, find out about the harm that aluminum soda cans may cause if they are not recycled.

What Makes Aluminum Soda Cans Harmful to the Environment?

You don't want aluminum soda cans sitting in the environment because they can attract ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The UV rays will basically hit the cans and go back up into the atmosphere. The environment warms up as the UV rays travel back to earth. In the long run, global warming happens and damages crops. Poor crop production means that food prices can go up on certain goods because they are hard to come by due to the drought.

Global warming can also affect the environment by harming marine life. When the seawater heats up to unnatural levels, it is hard for fish to survive. Fish and other sea animals sometimes swim out of the water and end up dying on the shoreline when the weather is excessively hot. Dead marine life means less food to capture for humans.

What is the Estimated Value of Aluminum Soda Cans?

The value of aluminum cans is dependent upon how much they weigh when you turn them over to a recycling center. The staff at the recycling center will be able to weigh all of the cans together. You can expect to get paid an average of $0.28 per 0.55 lbs. Scrap metal is valuable because it can be used for the production of other metal products, so it is a good idea to collect as many as possible for the best payout.

Keep in mind that there are specific guidelines to follow at each recycling center as to what condition the cans must be in. You must thoroughly clean all of the cans before hauling them to a recycling center for payment. Call the recycling center of your choice in advance to find out if the aluminum cans should be crushed or not. Failure to follow the guideline may result in a reduced amount of money for your scrap metal or none at all.

There is no use for tossing out soda cans and harming the environment at the same time. Get in touch with a recycling center that will make an exchange by giving you cash for your scrap metal! To find out more, visit a website like