Steps For A Successful Corporate Landscaping Project

Is your company planning a landscaping project for your location? Will you be in charge of making sure that the entire process goes smoothly? Here are some things to do to make sure the project goes as planned:

Contact a utility locating service: You may want to put tall trees next to a sidewalk or walkway, in order to add shade. However, there could be buried pipes or cables directly beneath where you hope to put the trees. A utility locating service like 1st Call Locating can help you determine if it will be safe to plant in a certain place or if you run the risk of damaging things like buried gas or water lines. The landscaper you are working with can use this information to help decide where to put various plants.

Confirm the budget: Make sure that everyone on the project is aware of the budget. While very tall trees are beautiful and impressive, their costs may be prohibitive for you. Instead, you may have to plant smaller, juvenile, trees and wait for them to mature. You should also confirm whether there is enough money in the annual budget to replant annuals or whether your landscaper needs to stick with more permanent perennials. 

Stake the area: It can be difficult to visualize exactly where things will go, when you're just looking at a piece of paper. Before you let your landscaper tear up your ground, have them stake out the area that will be landscaped. New flowerbeds can be represented with short stakes and lengths of twine. Use tall bamboo poles to represent trees and shorter bamboo poles to represent shrubs or bushes. While this may seem like a waste of time, it will help to ensure that you will be happy with the final placements.

Have a utility locating service mark the ground: If the utility locating service didn't mark the ground when they came out, now is a good time to have them come out and do so. If they did mark the ground but the project has been in planning stages for a while, you may no longer be able to see the paint or flags. Having the ground re-marked will make sure that everyone is aware of exactly where all the utilities are buried. This, in turn, will help to keep your landscapers and gardeners safe. By knowing exactly where everything is, they won't have to worry about causing a flood or a gas explosion.